Future Celebration

I got a testimony that has rose up in my heart

The many dangers in school, I had to fight from the start

There was no contemplating of my countless dedications

Now 22 years years later on May 25th i'm celebrating

The countless hours I stayed up just studying

Wondering if i'll pass to see another grade again

5th year my senior fees had to get paid, to graduate so that i can get made

Into a professional of my fututre field,

I had to ask God for his own mercy shield

To the past, to the present, to the future, i see success

Becasue in five years to come, i'll swear i am the very best

Whatever I do, it done with a smile,

The way a have walked is just my own style

Seniors we did it, now we got to depart, I left this load

If i don't see you anymore, i'll see you at the crossroads

Through the many dangers that I have seen

Always willing, I rose to the occassion

Now you see why I'm standing here today

Because May 25th senior we graduate


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