Wed, 02/20/2019 - 22:24 -- taren07


Endless talks

Talkative walks

Together all the time

You were mine

But then

A wave fell upon you

Like you have been

Having something to do

With bringing me pain

These words I say in vain

You made it seem so perfect

So I would feel at ease

To inspect

How to please

After this you came and went

Nothing happened between us

Other than feelings getting bent

But we don’t discuss

What could have been great

You let it degrade

Staring at the ceiling now

Trying to figure this out

What am I without you

What is a girl without the boy

Only one to get me through

Getting used like a toy

Was myself

Zoning in classes

Suit yourself

Now I speak for the masses

Don’t ever believe them when they act like they care

They will only cause you despair

But don’t worry sweetie

Don’t have to quit on everything

You can be


You can be yourself now




From someone who deteriorates.

All this creates

Is a beautiful woman

Ready to be as best as one can.

Released from this torture

Blossoms a beautiful fortune



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