That Funny Little Saying


There's a funny little saying 

You are what you eat

So watch what you eat cause

You are what you eat

Can't have fast food

You're fat

Can't have that cookie

That's sugar

Do you reallly want to 

Just be a walking, talking, fat,  lump of sugar

Can't have that, don't have that


You're really going to eat that?

That's gross

That's too healthy

You're eating too much or you're not eating enough

You're too fat or you're too skinny

You know you should really watch what you eat

You are what you eat

Haven't you heard that

You are what you eat


Want to know what I eat?

I eat confidence, I eat pride, I eat ambition for breakfast

I eat power, I eat joy, I eat a whole lot of happiness

I feast on intelligence 

I snack on humor

I reject that ridiculous idea that what I eat

What I look like

How much I weigh

Means anything at alll about the extent of my character

About what goes on in my head, in my heart, in my life

So, I have a better

Funny little saying

You are 


It's as simple as that



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