Funny Filters Fake Faces: Skin Scared to be Seen


They say that the early bird catches the worm...

Yet Earlybird just creates a haze that casts shadows on faces and words.

It's funny because Nashville shows no affiliation to Tennessee;

And I just find myself wishing to be that smooth lightweight glow that is caked on top of me.

Original should be called No Filter due to the fact that we have to constantly make a point-

Make it known.

To not feel comfortable in one's own


Maybe if Skin was a filter it would be used more often and we would love it.

I am a victim to the Walden and Brannan.

But beneath the shadows and fake fog I am Original.

I am the dark circles beneath my dark eyes that Apollo hides.

The fabricated perfection that they all see.

My camera knows the true me.

Original. Skin. No Filter.




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