The Fundamentals of Healthy Love

Sun, 10/29/2017 - 14:47 -- Anna A


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In life, many people will say that they love you.

Is this so?

In life, people have said to me “I love you” to get me to do something I don’t want to do.

How does one differentiate between pure love and the tainted?


As simple as it might sound,

It all lies within you.

Listen to your heart, do not let it be drowned.

The words, “Because I love you,” do not make love.


A healthy relationship is founded on trust.

Can you trust the one you’ve given your heart to?

Is it certain that this is not a bust?

Love is knowing that you trust and are trusted.


A healthy relationship does not include vengeance.

Love is support.

It is certain that two wrongs never make a right.

In all honesty, healthy love is as strong as a fort.


But most of all, love is respect.

A healthy relationship is one where you feel cherished.

Where you’re admired, not just for an aspect,

But who you are as a whole.


In life, people will try to make you do things you do not want to do.

They will use the words, “Because I love you.”

Words fall short, in more ways than one.

Actions last forever, and respect, support, and trust should too. 

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