Fund Me A Trip (Hardknock beat)

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 23:59 -- ixnivek


2511 Water
United States
42° 17' 15.18" N, 95° 53' 49.6104" W


Who would of thought? that with composition, lines and verses

Y’all cast these disperses to pay off my courses

Disperse em, then convert all disbursements

investing, buying, spending them all in the moment..

on trendings or possibly save these endorsements

subsequently, doing the same steps inverted

supported and boarded to study abroad and

of course then, to meet feminas is the notion


My fingers are crossed man, so I can escape the desert motherland to another land

destination Little Switzerland of America or the Netherlands

so my pineal gland can absorb the empiricisms and the mysticism of a distant land

funded through the writings of this jam in form of slam

inform Madames and Grahams that I will obtain these grants

so I can amend the past from the butcher’s hand

and learn from different cultures and………….

Waking up to the first blush of this celestial body

impressionist, my body produces more antibodies

due to good ray exposures creating alleys of a healthy body

mind and soul, fear of nobody while I’m walking through these valleys

reminiscing shadows of death, each to their own deity

peace to the Jahs, Allahs, Rastafaris,

Selassie (ay)

fund me a trip where Ali Bomaye’d

Up north to the residence of the Nubians

To the West Kingdom where the Au never ends

So corporations and organizations, drop the dividends

for me to seek a romance in the capital of France

love at first glance, got my occipital in a trance

we travel to Nantes and in a manse

its my chance to advance in advanced through her body with a modern dance,

temperature is rising like a pyro dance

furthermore “she drops that finance”

So I have the opportunity to visit another land

Off topic, but I still wanna visit you in between your tropics

tropical green Costa Rica is the top pick

my relations are isotopic and by logic I choose various countries like a symbiotic

On metaphors, I hit the road and around the globe

penetrating the heavens like sexual intercourse

until reaching a heavy orgasmic empirical force

which I traverse into a heroic verse of desire

for souvenirs such as chains and cultural attires

of the countries that never ceased fires

even though the peeps retired they still grind at the line of fire


Fund me into an adventure that lasts a thousand dawns

green grass, crystal sand, blue lakes and ponds

variety of skins and pigments, cultural and intellectual bonds

similar to the Grand Tour of the late Renaissance

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