Full of Gold

I Don't Know what you've been told...
The TRUTH is that I'm Full of Gold
and God has blessed my heart to be
full of kindness... just look and see.
I'm blessed beyond what you can see
for evil blinds your eye to me.
My light that shines so true and real
reminds you that you cheat and steal.
For God shall judge us all one day...
Thank God that I can speak and say...
The truth I always told to thee
Why can't you say the same to me?
I'm happy that I'm FULL of GOLD
above the low life that you know.
The pain you cause shall go away,
but with your heart the lies will stay!
I stand alone with all my might
The gold I hold it shines so bright
It rides above the dark of night
And lights my way with God in sight.

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We are all Full of Gold. Do not believe anyone who tells you different! AP.

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