Full Glory Reflected

“The land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Countries moto turned entitlement.


“‘In God is our trust’”

Became the window to belief that life is fair.


The game is rigged

The game is tilted in fews favor, others opposition.


One with a silver spoon, does not mean indefinite success.

One with a rusty shovel, does not mean indefinite failure.


So few on one side, and so many on the other.

The scale must tip, must topple, must fall.


Those born into hardships must scrap to the top,

Those are stronger,

Have been told, convinced, and pressured that

This is not there destiny, that scrappers don’t make it.


Those born into cushions are given the answers,

They did not have to climb, as being already on top.

But being immune to falling? They are not.


Whoever told the little girl of America that life was a fair fight?

Whoever convinced us.

Was it those who sung of our,

“Full glory reflected now shines in the stream?”


I believe that believing life is fair

leads to people who do not realize

They have to swim upstream to get ahead.


Entitlement is a nasty disease

Main cause being this

“Life is fair”


This poem is about: 
My country


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