Fucked Up World


We are living in a world full of oppression,

despite the fact that we may not even know it.

Everywhere I look there's depression;

I swear everything has gone to shit.

More than half those in congress are millionares

So obviously they don't have any cares

Unlike the rest of us are merely trying to make ends meet.

People cannot buy the medicines they need to survive

Because the companies approve the wrong things or put prices that aren't cheap.

I can't believe that greed is their drive.

Whatever happened to helping those less fortunate than one?

You have so much give,

but all you care about is having some fun.

You have no reason to live.

Teenagers shoot up and get wasted because there is nothing better to do.

Boy, do they have no clue.

Neighbors have to choose between the bills and food,

But their biggest decision is who should they give their virginity to.

There are those who if they can find a roof will be in a good mood,

And others who have a white iPhone V case they complain about feeling blue.

Instead of dealing with problems people post about them,

This passive-aggressiveness is killing me.

Somewhere, someone is worrying about a loaded gun and a phlegm.

But for some reason, it's something that people can't see.

Child soldiers, poverty, corruption, disease, inequality, sexism, trees.

All these disasters and many others should occupy our thoughts,

Instead of what some celebrity wore to some gala.

We are all trapped in a labyrinth,

without so much as a beacon

but an abundance of schemes that are elaborate.

Everyone and no one has the key.


Gigglebox O_O

I just came up with that so I'm not sure if it's any good :/

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