Fuck You

Fuck you,

I wish I could.


You flirt with me,

Even though

you don’t like guys?



You tell me:

You have something to say.

You don’t say it,

And we lapse

into the same roles?



I’ve always been bad

at understanding the past.


I expect you to speak,

when I can’t even say

'I am—'

'I do—'

I love you,

and I’m bullshit too.



I started ignoring you,

so you called and said:

“I exist.”

Fuck, you’d think

I’d try to forget

if I didn’t remember?


You don’t get it,

I don’t get it.

I understand

I don’t get you,

even though I do.


So fuck you,

I wish I could.


The past in unachievable,

And the future…

Is as ignorant as me. 


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