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Everbach, Helen



            (1999-) US writer, social activist, high school student; full name Helen Martha Everbach


1.     a young woman, of a strong personality who is trying to tape back together her life as it breaks:

Helen tried to be a poet and spoke of duct-taped glass

2.     dated a child from a suburb of Philadelphia who is less aware of its upper-middle-class white girl privilege than it should be, but is trying to become more socially conscious despite criticism of being overly politically correct:

You can’t say ‘slut’… it’s demeaning to women, and sex-negative in general. Why must we as a society subscribe to archaic Puritan Values as it relates to sexuality, which makes up a great deal of the thread of our culture anyhow?



            Helen Melon - noun, pet name

            Helen-ta - noun, used only by parents, reference to Pokémon ‘pony-ta’



            Primarily Germanic Descent, from Western Europe, some small piece American Indian (as most Americans are), originally from the Philadelphia area


Helen Everbach

For other uses, see Helen Everbach (disambiguation)


Helen Everbach, vintage style, opinionated, shallow organics, hipster ambition

Fruit Tart: sweet, and made up of slang that together means homo and overly sexual

Backwards in a ‘cool’ way, finding space for difference, subscribing to stereotypes, well-ironed, an iron will, other people’s ironing board

‘crap that you can’t say to teachers’, pretentious egalitarian, pessimistic idealist, 5’3” with bleached bangs, eccentrically usual, unusually welcoming for the owner of a clique… deceptively lesbian, surprisingly Religious, with a freckle on left ring-finger toe

Fiercely anti-loyalist, loyal to a fault, faulted

hella straight for a gay girl, hella moderate for a UU, hella UU for a public school

Has a predilection for parallel structure

Anti-political, politically correct, polytheist, polyatomic, polygon… no, not that one.

Known as the one who will give accurate sex advice and who always has free condoms to give away

            Jellyfish: all the kids think it’s cool, but the parents say to stay away

Haver of bad handwriting, wisher not a dreamer, the sum of parts, the product of ‘parts’, the hater of math, a watcher of YouTube

prejudiced to the prejudiced

dancer, singer, talker, crier, sneezer (occasionally)

diseased, un-icky, unique


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Helen Everbach


The format is so Cute, I love your spin on the scenario, this is genius

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