Frozen Tears

No matter the times you turned me away,
I still came back and asked you

each and every day,

"Come on let's
 go and play!"

I never see you anymore, 

you hide behind a door.

I guess you are frightened

of some evil that's out here.

But this I say to you dear sister:

"I will be right here!"

So don't be afraid to step

out of those walls,

into my warm and loving arms.

Please come out, please come near,

please let me make this clear,
"Let it go!"

my "love can thaw" 
a frozen heart!

Just give me a chance, 

oh just one start!

I hear your silent tears

fall down your face,

please let me rescue you from
such an awful place!

Your eyes are sore

from your frozen tears,

I can save you from your fears!

All you have to do

is open the door.


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