The Fro-Baby


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  The Fro-Baby

I am the tossed and tangled being,

The loud wild child, I am Free, untamed

like the wind when I’m speeding.

Like the knots in my hair I am stubborn.

I am easily spotted like the wool upon my head

sorta like a green fern.

Like the fro I am spoiled.

because my curls, they stay coiled

I am easily overwhelmed

yet a goddess, when I’m feeling sorta helmed.

Like my curls when clean

personified the fro, it can’t be mean.

I am the Christmas eve. child, the hair is a gift,

A blessing, a present from the roots, yet

when windy it often rather shifts

The big ball of fluff is often broadcasted on a projector

in the front of the class showing all imperfections

Yet it's okay the curls show it with their little right angles

and you can tell by the way it dangles

Happy, I don’t do it on the daily

I am the Fro-Baby

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