The Fro

Sat, 01/18/2014 - 19:50 -- dy1789

My afro well equiped with a pick with the black fist at the tip

Every individual follicle leads a captivating trip

Throgh the conformity of society indiduality persists with 

My afro, the power source for the inner glow that runs throgh my torso

Invisible picket signs saying you cant confine me to your test of time

This afrois my liberation

My Indignation

For the status quo they uphold in this nation

My afro seperates me from the crowd so that I can stand out

My afro represents everything that I'm about

Cornrows until they're ripe for picking, I let it grow

I wont be dead locked by a dreadlock so that they know

I'ts deeper than a hairstyle ,it's deeper than the fro


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