Why waste your time with me?

I have nothing that you want.

I'm just plain old me.

I hav enothing to offer you.

Leave me alone.

ou don't want to mess with me.

I've had my heart broken once too many times.

If you get too close, I'll shut you out.

So don't try anything,

Or you'll be #FriendZoned

And you don't want that, do you?

The worst place to be....

I've been there, so tell me.

Wat's it like?

To like and never have her know?

Must be hard, seeing her with all those jerks.

Never realizing that you're there for her.

But somday she'll realize it, or maybe she wont.

Life is life. She will or will not acknowledge it.

She'll break your heart without knowing it.

But, once your there, it'll be hard to get out.


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