Friendship never ends

Clouds have moved since I have been gone
That tree of ours has broken down
New roads with crystals shine our way
But yet we fear to go alone.

Do you remember that first year of high school
Where we just looked like a new born in a new world
That we would just walk around and not dare to talk
When other classes had already talked?

Time was given to us so we could begin
We began doing crazy things far from the unusual
Hang out at either one’s house to gossip or
To dance along the shining sun.

I always remember that summer day at the beach
We flew around town
We sang below the great blue sky
Now the waves just keep our memories.

I turn back in time on how much fun we had
When you said that I was an innocent girl
But behind my face I hid a dark side
Which made you see the real me.

How we would go outside and become business people
Sell tons of goodies even at school
Go to the candy store and pursue our own
Just to gain money for the trip of our life.

We would always say bad things to me another
Sometimes we ended up like strangers
Sometimes we even broke our hearts but,
At the end of the day we would be holding hands again.

Now we truly became strangers
We don’t even look at each other
Those times of happiness went down to non sense
Are we dead or isolated from the world?

Things happened for a reason
We are again like babies learning how to walk
Making new discoveries in an unknown world
Deep inside our hearts memories hold our dreams.

Just keep in mind that it is not over
One day the sun will rise beyond the horizon
When that day comes, with my arms, wide open
I will be there to hold your heart.

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