friendship breakup

Saturday, December 20, 2014

1:54 PM

We grew so fast and faded as quickly thanks for the experience you'll forever be with me.

Am I for real yes.

I wrote it as a poem.

I think it's time you do you and I keep my fluttering mind here at home.

We can chat from time to time.

Just tell me when you're ready.

To except the fact that I was never "too heavy".

With words, or judgment I call it all how I see it.

And this strange distant behavior is just how I see it distant.

So you do you in Nuys.

I'll do me in L.A.

A trip on Christmas day.

Forget that on my Christmas tree with no snow outside I'll just watch my money sashay.

I never loved you.

But please finish reading.

I never loved you how thought.

I never tried to get you that was a false call.

I LOVED YOU yes as a writing buddy and as a close friend.

I am how I am flirtatious.

I'm sorry if u misread that my friend.

But like my book its the secret to never be told.

I know yours and you mine.

And without that burden I sleep all the time.

So like my first chapters title states its all just GONE IN THE WIND.

But it was a nice relationship we had while it was still like a flag on a pole flapping loudly in the morning wind.

But all things must ceases to exist I was just hoping it wasn't the end.

And if I over exaggerated this then oh well ill just think back when.


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