Tue, 08/13/2013 - 16:23 -- MM6596

Friendship is something you feel in your heart
When you know you have made a connection
Sharing with each other
Things you would never speak of apart
Explaining childhood tragedies
Day to day growing pains
And flashbacks that one knows all too well
You see friendship is a special thing
God gave it to us to make us see
That life is worth living
Even with tragedy 
So going into the world without someone
To rely on
To count on
And to stand with
To make every situation so much easier
Is much harder then
But when you have somebody to be with
  Whenever flashbacks of pain occur
You know they will always be there to deter 
The true pain your body feels inside
Your friend can mend 
Your friend can repair 
You know that your friend will always be there


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