Friends for life

Dearest friends of mine,

How lucky I am to have the three of you for making me laugh when i cry, 

the comfort when im mad, giving the hugs when im sad,

my friends, you're the source of my happiness until I die.

I know we've been through alot, from stressing about school, drama and boys. But we got this because we 

know we are there to push and help each other through all of it. 

Years have passed, tears have shed, friendship have mend and memories have made yet you three are still same. 

You three made me who I today; you helped me gain confidence, learn positivity and much more strength that I never thought I could have. 

You made me appreciate the efforts of others, to see the goodness of the little things in life and give them an important value to this earth. 

Everytime you three are there when im in need, I ask "how can I repay you?" You girls simply just say "Its okay, being with you is enough for us."

wow how lucky is me.

No words could describe the sadness when one of you has to move to Belgium and we just agreed that its okay, we can talk through our phones,

you're only six hours behind.

And yet a year later, now it is me who has to go too - leaving the two of you. Tears and hugs were all I could remember at the airport.

Two of you; Goodmorning is your goodnight, Goodnight is my Goodmorning. 

Your summer is my spring, Im still in school when youre having fun under the sun. 

I am twelve hours behind from both of you and six of the other, we know how hard it is for all of us to continue

how we communicate each other.

With the weird timezones and complicated schedules we never change; we manage our times for each other.

We continued to support and be proud of one another

even a simple five minute call can make my day. 

Life has been like these for two years now, we have made new memories with our new friends, enjoying new adventures, grabbing opportunities and

being the best we can possibly be, because we promised, that one day we are going to be reunited, doing what we do best: creating fun and

memorable memories.

We promised to pick up what and where we left off.

Thankful to have you, Yen, Maw and Sandy - What did I ever do to deserve you. 


Love from the other side of the world

- Ky

This poem is about: 
My family


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