Friends of Disfigure

If she had a nickel for evertime she'd scowl at her body

She would be so wealthy her body would be covered in money.

Clutching her hands around her thighs,

cinching her waist with her fingers

coiling herself around.

Thinking what could have been of her body if

she had not eaten a sandwich two days go


wondering is yesterday's sweet treat was worth it.

Neglecting what she sees in the mirror.

Her friend encourgaes her that it is alright,

even though he despises his body.

Not having abs and

pinching his arm with disgust.

Despising his 'lanky' stature.

Yet, she smiles at him. With a laugh in her voice, his heart flutters at

her words that make him chuckle with delight.

Staring at a mirror, they wonder at their imperfections.

Rays of lights sparkle in their eyes



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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