Friends are forever, right?
The ones that are there for you every night?
But all friends fight
What would you do if after all that might,
If after all that might,
You were left in the dark with not a spec of light?
Just last month we were at the movies.
We were best friends and I thought you knew me.
We shared a year between us. A year together.
Sharing games and feelings and homework,
But I made a mistake;
I thought it was forever
I came to you with all my worries,
You convinced me I could trust you.
Through all the thank yous and the sorrys
you came to me with problems too
And for a while, you were all I trusted.
You healed my heart, all wounded and rusted.
I made sure I returned the favour,
Your problems with school and girls and manner.
I helped you through it because I cared
But i made a mistake;
I thought you’d care forever.
So, you woke up one morning
Decided you didn’t care I was hurting.
Decided it didn’t matter, leaving me there burning,
Drowning, trying, crying and slowly dying.
At this point, who should I blame?
Whether it was your rise to fame or my fall from grace,
I’m off my game but I made a mistake;
I thought we were forever
The term best friend means a lot.
But to go from all that to naught,
To be complete strangers in every room,
I honestly just don’t know what to do.
Your eyes lack the compassion they once had.
You used to go around and drive me mad.
The early morning calls, the endless games,
The heart to hearts and decisions made.
But I made the mistake
Of thinking our friendship was forever.
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