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Have you ever had a friend who always stood by your side,
Who was always there when you cried,
Who never told you a lie,
It's kinda hard to find the people who have high expectations,
Those with no limitations,
Ones who don't give in temptation,
Take it from the words and the thoughts from the wise,
Ones who lived a crucial and a horrifying life,
Don't ever judge character from the person or the looks,
Even if in the past they were a terrifying crook,
Looks can be a lie but thoughts can be the truth,
Give in to what they're saying because it just might be a clue,
Friends, I've got that, Brothers I've had that,
There's a big difference because it's family, you know that,
Friends there's a limit but with brothers it's forever because with friends it's just a minute after that,
It's just whatever,
There's things I have to say, but I just keep it inside because whatever I put out,
The emotions will collide,
Times will get hard but things happen for a reason,
Nobody's even perfect because it's part of lifes connection,
Friends are good to have but just don't get too attached, because there might be a problem,
Where they don't even have your back,
It's happened to people and it's happened to me, when all along I thought that we were all family,
But like they say "they come and the go"
It's part of La Vida, just learn to let go.

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