Thu, 10/03/2013 - 18:59 -- DaryleK

I don't knowI thought we were friends.Until i fell for you and i thought you felt it too. . . But i noticed.I couldn't reach for your hand and expect your finger tips to brush up against mine.I couldn't walk the halls and assume that you would talk to me  or even magnify the fact that you even knew who I was. But outside,away from everyone else . . .I thought I saw something  different.Something that i thought i could fix, give you a heart!But i realized i can't fix you.I can only pick up your pieces and hand them to you.And i can't give you a heart if you won't take it.I don't know maybe i was a fool not a fool in love but a fool for you!And maybe i was dumb! or too damn smart for my own good . You may not be the one but someone out there is .Someone who will hold my hand and let people know what we are .Someone who will love me for me.


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