Friend Wanted

Thu, 08/03/2017 - 16:31 -- Poet95

What makes a village fear you?

What makes an entire village thirsty for your blood?

What makes them want to hang your head on a wall?

They think you're ferocious,



They think you will try to capture a princess

Because somehow you must envy her beauty and innocence,

Somehow, you are in love with her as much as the prince is with her.


What if,

What if everything they thought they knew about dragons was wrong?

What if I'm not the petrifying monster they think I am?

What if I can't even hurt a fly?

What if I just want a friend?


I'm a soft-hearted dragon,

I love talking to the small humans,

They're adorable!


The bigger humans don't seem to like me.

They fear me.

Perhaps, I'm too big,

Maybe my smile is too scary?

I think I'm misunderstood.

I just want a friend that won't be taken away from the big humans

In shiny armor.

I just want someone to talk to;

It gets lonely in this dark cave.

I just want a friend. .




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