A Friend in the Race of Terror

The tears are dry and no longer run 

down my tired face.

I stand at your door, hope gone, dreams soiled,

as they tell me once more, "go away”.


All of my life I’ve been a traveller,

exploring the homes of strangers.

In one night, then out the next-- 

victim to lies and hurt.


I’m the addition, the extra check,

the one who burdens your schedule;

I throw a fit, fight in school,

tired of this sick race.


I turn to leave, when I hear a cry

not from my mouth, but yours?

I’m caught off guard, it’s a second chance?

You pull me back into your arms.


You’ve put up with my tantrums, my traumas, my baggage 

as if it was yours to carry;

Chance after chance, pure perseverance

as you accompany me on this race of terror.


Love is this, that you persevere,

you continue through thick and thin;

It’s protecting, understanding, it’s self-denying,

even if I’m the only one who will win.


Our relationship is strong and in you I trust,

because you’ve looked past all my flaws. 

Others have lied, but you have died, 

Simply because you've loved me.

This poem is about: 
My family
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