The friend of the one who feels alone


 you say you feel alone

i told you im here

you confide in me


but who says i dnt need you?

your my friend

my love

there are things you do for me

that you dont understand


when you don't see me doesn't mean

im not there, or that i have changed

i'm just not in your presence phsically

you should know i love you more than presence

you should know my heart holds you dear

there is a section of my heart dedicated for u only


hurt yourself?

why do such a thing ?

if you were to hurt yourself i wuld

feel the pain

evn if the pain felt  good to you it wuld kill me

if not fast,  slowly

and thats the worst


remember i'm never gone

never changed

always me

always your confidant by Simone Emiline Robinson


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