A friend can set you free

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 00:56 -- Someone

A friend can set you free


The words don't hurt anymore 

And curtain has tore 

And can not be mend….

Back together, Because of a friend


It's over, all the pain 

And will never be main

Confidence was lost

And I had to pay the cost


Finally I stood up for myself

I put the memories on the shelf 

The ones of shame and sadness 

The ones of hatred and madness 


I'm free now the chains are gone

The feeling of freedom - it's been so long

There I was not fine

They crossed the wrong line


the bullet shot from a gun

The weight on my shoulders that weighed a ton

Equals to zero

Because a friend can be your only hero


 A friend is always there

Even in things that just aren't fair 

Building you up to make you stronger

So that you can hurt no longer 


A friend helps when it comes to the worst

Even if the others thirst …

To make your life horrible in every way 

Even if they make sure that it may


Others are cruel and mean

But all they are, are evil feens

The friend knows that it's not right

So they just become the light


They overpower the darkness 

The darkness that makes you feel like less and less

They are slowly getting rid of those things

Until you find courage and spread your wings


You feel weightless and free 

Just believe me

A friend can help you forever 

Even when you thought you'd never


The scars will still be there 

But no need to care

Because the chains are broken

And you have finally spoken 

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