To A "Friend"


United States
46° 54' 30.7728" N, 68° 9' 26.7696" W

I want to share

Not like he gives a care

But his reality

Takes my sanity

I just want him to see

The emotions bubbling in me

Almost a year ago

There was a boy I got to know

Became my guardian angel

Helped me view life from every angle

But I let him go

Should have said no


To her

But I set him free

With high cost to me

Nights many flood with tears

To top it off my worst fears

No longer need me here

His new beginning is near

Destructions of structures

No protection of unwanted treasures


Blows exactly one

But I hoped we could try again

This idea of friends to the very end

But somehow feelings got jumbled

And I feel like I may have fumbled

Unless we gain as much luck as a four-leaf clover

There is nothing in this do-over



Keep Trying.

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