For a Friend.


time can't rewind,

though i really wish it could,

if i could change the past,

i most certainly would.


we used to be close,

actually best friends,

but drugs came into the picture,

which made that quickly end.


we were together less & less,

as the weeks rolled by,

though i couldnt admit what was happening,

i was living beneath a lie.


everyday when i would see you,

i had flashbacks of the past,

the good times we shared together,

from the first to the last.


at some point you became a stranger,

someone i didn't know,

but i told myself it was a phase,

and needed to let it go.


the friends we once shared,

were now mine and not yours,

you had new ones now,

the people which you adored.


you lost so much weight,

your skin was so fare,

what i saw was your body,

but YOU weren't there.


i knew at a point,

nothing would be the same,

you were the one changing,

but i put myself to blame.


i wondered "what if?"

would we still be friends?

or was this fate,

showing all good things end?


yes, friendships come and go,

i knew that all along,

but i wish you could just determine,

the right from the wrong.


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