Tue, 08/06/2013 - 22:26 -- Monai

Hello my friend

It would seem that we've met again

This time under different circumstances

You understanf most things that others dont

You listen when other simply wont

And even thogh many people just dont want this to be

You still find some way to be a part of me

Hello again

We've spent some time in an intamate setting

These feelings are familar that im getting

Your warm embrace is wrapped around me as it once was before

Those butterflies began fluttering once you walked through my door

My dearest friend

Im afraid that you are becoming less of a friend to me

And more of a beautiful fantasy

We've tried this before and lost so much more than we hoped to gain

Im praying this time isnt the same

I have faith we can do this but im not sure you feel the same

Its funny how we still seem to play this little game

I feel as if theres something growing slowly

Pretty soon itll be out there boldly

All that I ask is if I fall please catch me

I dont wanna wake up on the grounf from the fall so deadly

Before I go to the edge please let me know

Do I turn back now or is it safe to just go


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