Freshman Swimmer

Sun, 12/30/2018 - 22:54 -- thielk1

I stand on the starting block.

My whole body seems to lock.

I watch the water as I wait for the whistle

that means to get ready for what I find unblissful.

My goggles are ready and my cap is on tight

I hug onto the board like the board is my life.

With everyone watching me racing alone

I close my eyes and wait to dive into the cold water below.

With a deap breathe, I pludge into the water

the cold takes me aback but I push on even harder.

I swim knowing that my chances of winning weren't likely

but I know someday I will become better and get to say "finally."

I finish the race and see I got last

yet my teamates didn't make fun of me, they cheered for me and laughed.

I may have been embaressed to have lost once again

but I know that no matter my race, my team mates will always be my friend.

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