The Freshman Ode to OTHS


United States
38° 35' 32.3628" N, 89° 54' 39.5676" W

O'Fallon Township High School
Where you go if you're really cool
Milburn is the place to be
We love muffins and have ice cream

My 1st hour class is App. of Lit
I think it'd be more fun to knit
That boy who sits in front of me
His girlfriend's what I used to be.
Being sarcastic was never so much fun
My school day has just begun

Keyboarding Essentials is the best
Perfect time to catch up on rest
Should I draw or should I write?
Anything but to type

Next is Mr. Walter's class of math
He's corny sometimes but makes me laugh
"Thou shalt not divide by zero."
Mr. L.D. Walters, you're my hero
"What does this mean?" he does say
A Lutheran moment for MLIA

Time ticks by ever so slow
To Advisory I wish to go
Passing periods go by so fast
Up four hallways, a flight of stairs i must dash
Cannot talk to a single friend
O, how quick five minutes does end

Did I mention Taylor Cline?
And how his locker is next to mine?
And that he is extremly fine?
To be loved this way must be a crime.

Welcome to Elfrink's Advisory
Where I used to sit next to Joseph Eisele
Do not talk, bring something to do,
Watch Panther Beat the whole way through

Now I'm in Biology
It's all Greek to me, actually.
No one's quite sure why we need this
It's not like we're going to be scientist.
Ever so boring, but awake we must keep
To laugh at those who fall asleep
Can't get away with it, you never do
For Mr. Melzer will catch you.

La clase de español es en la séptima hora
We learn to speak like an explorer named Dora.
For how you feel and where you are
Always use the verb estar.
Me gusta el pescado
Yo soy muy desordinado
Adíos, hasta mañana, the day is done
Now it's time to have some fun.

The bus ride home, favorite part of the day.
Quick, grab a seat, scooch close to TayTay
Broken pencils and shoe fly through the air
But in his arms I just don't care.
He holds me close and kisses my head
There's no where I'd rather be instead.

This is the Class of Twenty-Thirteen
The Fulton kids aren't all that mean
Actually, I have come to find
Most are truly very kind.

Do not forget me O'Fallon High
After all the years have gone by
One of many; that I am
"Unto you we pledge our hearts and hands"
All of the above is most certainly true
We are O'Fallon. The Panthers. The Gold and the Blue


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