fresh, biting stings


United States
36° 2' 15.522" N, 115° 4' 34.5144" W

in the beginning, this was my mind:
a grey slab of clay.
it spun smoothly; the surface immaculate.

in my first years of life, this is what happened:
complete wonderment.
molding the clay, forming impressions and bumps; shining, embossed

as the clock ticked on, the slab morphed accordingly:
scratches and pits and dents.
made by failed goals and sleeping while being awake; patterns like those made by seismographs.

the biggest molder of all, are these handful of letters:
what are tears and loss compared to words and language.
they turn this battered mold into a vessel vibrating with life; i leave a relic in my wake.


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