French Art Museum

They call it the Louvre, and I guess that's cool...

but they don't know what it means for me and you.

For us, it means laughter, for us, it means friendship, for us, it means


Do you remember that day?

The day when everything seemed easy, everything seemed right

We were walking together and we accidentally held hands

we were laughing and crying and hugging and then

"I loooove you"

That's what you said to me, but that's not what I heard.

"You Louvre me?"

You laugh and touch my nose, "Yes I French Art Museum you!"

Maybe you meant it as a joke, but I don't think so.

Maybe you meant it as a one time joke, but it stuck.

It was our thing, it still is

It's what keeps me going, what keeps me inspired, 

What helps me keep my sanity when everything seems so hard.

When things get tough I think about that day

I think about your joke

and it seems so far away...and it's not fair.

How is it fair that something you need could be so far away.

Why are you so far away?

Are you waiting?

Are you asking the same things about me?

Somehow I want to get that back, well I need to...but the problem is how.

How am I going to get you, your laugh...your love back?

I guess I'll have to wait, and I will

Because I think we say it for a reason...

I love you...

I French Art Museum you...

Because the words themselves are a promise

A promise to take care of each other like the masterpieces of the Louvre,

because what we have is a masterpiece, 

maybe not to some, but definitely to us.

It's a promise to work together,

Help me keep this masterpiece, it's too priceless to let it go.


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