Freezing Fear and a Snowy Year

From the simple brilliance of sitting snow
To the nights spent by feeling fireflies' glow
I've spent my year feeling the future come near
As it stares at me with that all-knowing leer
My life has been moved from what's now to what's next

Last January was marked by a period of rest
Where I could revel in the beauty of fresh fallen snow
Yet as February brought the same I began to know
The freezing vexing fears crafting a terrifying test

March April May slipped by until came the awaited moment
Where I would have to prove my worth for further education
Exam after exam was done much to my intense lament
And even when I did real well came transition into doubt

Summer passed and I began to hope for new possibilities
But these thoughts were soon dashed as I faced the school's new reality
Of friends gone and changing times, of being doubtful of my ability
To go into this next stage of life, to handle the worry and fear
And so I lived in the future and saw the present pass by into a new year.

As I entered December and my anxiety reached the peak
I decided to move back to the present, the current week
And soon realized that fear only made me weak,
And that it only lead me to freak.

Coming to right now, I had a new thought,
To look forward to what is next
Instead of hating change
And to enjoy what has been brought,
Instead of being vexed;
It feels less strange

As I am making this currently, I think back to the snow,
Whose brilliancy every year has lead me to know,
How I should handle myself simply in current times,
And so I end this with these two plain lines:

In the end, I am only me
And that's all what I'd hoped to be.


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