Freen Smoke

Pouting ah smoking up freen herbs

My friend I’m dancing on them stars

Slowly and smooooth

Like Curtis and Gaye

lyrics like kwelis but stranger

And weirder like pouting out freen herbs

My friends I’m sprouting our plants that grow into roots roots that grow into seeds seeds that grow into black paper blank paper that grows to freen herbs and lonely trees

pay your fees cause the end is near Slowly coming like a meteor high on weed smoke

They said

But this is just the beginning of the eyes that call us ambition

Eyes that call us strangers to our own selfs

We said express yourself but what does that even mean freen smoke

My friends that strange mixture of toxic and natural

Fix your eyes on that

Check it out y’all

Smoke it out y’all

Till it doesn’t make sense

That inhibition that needs no exhibition into the center of the mind

Just a easier journey into the center of the world with the freen smoke

And I don’t even smoke

Except freen smoke

It’s cleans your system

Gleans as your ignoring

Controlling your thoughts






Master of minds that doesn’t even make sense


This poem is about: 
My community


jasper morrow

Who knows. Its a good poem

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