Freedom's Mask


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United States
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Bound in contempt,
Spokes of spine pierce raw skin,
Like spears of war slaughter innocence.

Fingers prod the lines, sink into their transient nature,
Complacency ruled epitome of fear.
An immanent fiend, facade the brevity of sin.

Rise, synthetic promise,
Like smoke shifting in sunlight's rays.
All virtues drained empty,
Diaphanous in bloodied eyes.
Our impermanence proves value.

Stand by, oh land of freedom,
Stand proud, land of the saved.
Slander, slaughter as you please.



This poem is about the continual slander of both minorities and women in the media, the perpetual cycle that keeps everyone here in America enslaved.


This poem is about the hypocrisy in America. The perpetual slander of women and minorities in the media that keeps the people of America enslaved.

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