Freedom's Flight

You are free to love

If you're straight

You are free to express

Including hate

You are free to work

If you're a man

You are free to go anywhere

Unless you're trans

You are free to feel safe

Only if you're a white

And if you're a police

You're free to fight

When has freedom meant

Different than the flag

When have stars burned

For a different insigna than 

The freedom we've earned

When have we started to look

At others as anything else

But our sisters and our brothers

When has Freedom dimmed

To mean "It was only meant for him?"

Why do we have to yell our rights

Screaming in the streets

We want education!

But we're too poor to eat

Why is freedom limited

To only the ones on top

For as long as we cry out

Why won't it stop

Is oppression dead

I feel the better question is

Where has freedom fled



This poem is about: 
My country


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