Freedom's Flight


I had a dream one night

That left my mind in a bit of fright.


It began in an inescapable prison

Where darkness drenched itself into my soul

leaving me to die like a troll.

A darkness so sickeningly profound

I dared not utter a single sound.


The angelic wings I bore on my back

began to cripple, lost in track.

And their heavenly beauty soon would deteriorate…was it too late?


In constant prayer I sat;

In great hopes of leaving where I was at.

After an eternity of darkness, an opening erupted!

And my heart became uncorrupted.


A glorious light beamed in my eyes with such delight!

My window of opportunity was tight,

but instilling the hopes of freedom’s flight!

I began flapping my wings with all my might!


Almost soaring…almost…free…


But lo!

As furious as I flapped,

someone pulled my foot and dragged me back.


Turning to see what it was that came from the abyss

and kept me from my newly found bliss.


A formation of all those whom, at some point, have brought me down trying to return me to that ebonized Hell!


Allowing them not the satisfaction, I flapped my wings with fierce determination.

Until the rim of the escape I did clasp…will my subsiding hold on it last?


They all tugged and pulled,

but I overruled!

A tottering arm was, first, liberated into freedom;

crying and hollering how I’d conclusively leave them.


But their force was strong, and the line tremendously long.

Caught between easily falling back into their grasps, OR, continuing my most perilous fracas.


So then I awoke with a start…and was left to answer my own abstract dispute.


Will I let those who wish ill on me, keep me in their darkness and allow them to bury me deep in sorrow?




Will I fight for freedom’s flight, aiming for that glorious beam of light; and have my heart filled with delight?


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