Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is being able to speak against the insecurities of the United States- home of the free. 

And utilize the tools we receive to make amends with the amendments that rattle the speed of progression, protection, or minorities, hindering the right we behold individually.

‘Cause there are people- not to name names, just prove a point- who will look at this from a “she can’t be serious” standpoint.

There’s people sitting around, getting pissed off at Eminem rapping about the government’s tip off,

But that makes sense to me when a deadly standoff is what we’re founded off of, so we get inspired off it, ignite the flame we’re drawn from, sketched out and shady into a constitutional right that says it’s right to talk back to our Mama:

America. We know you can hear us- loud and clear. You’re the reason we’re here. But to me? It just seems like you’re not around to hear the facts we’re trying to steer and drive home to our kids riding a new frontier, where some things can’t be said unless it’s with some friends over a beer. ‘Cause we know about fear, we know what it’s like to slip out of gear and put in all the blood, sweating, and tears.

Sheer certainty.

Like it’s 1984, and Orwell’s got the floor, telling us to look out for censorship ‘cause no one’s keeping score of these lies down our throats, closing up our trachea, esophagus, and our vocal chords. 

It’s time to challenge opinions, whether that’s speech or in lyrics. An anthem we can sing to our children.

‘Cause they may go to college and say that they’re learning, but how will they ever learn this?

Teach ‘em now, teach ‘em loud, get ‘em proud and rehearsing constantly at the House. Show ‘em their voice and how to use it and be heard among a crowd of people who say their speech is not allowed.

Have them take a bow because it’s hard to voice yourself when you’re choking on a war cloud.

The most valuable lesson I ever earned is that nothing is perfect, so let’s Make America Learn.

Again, we ain’t so great when the United States stands for prolonging integration of a nation’s poster face. 

Why would I write an essay and obliterate a page when I could illustrate the lesson in a rap verse? Better make way.

You make a mistake by being a woman or gay just to have the multimillionaire spit in your face. I apologize for the weight of this country’s decay. Wait, how much does it weigh? The weight of the bodies who were taken away by the undertaker who rips off their chains. In addition, 8 billion pounds for every person who wants to gain recognition for their name. 

Telling me I’m in control of the world but in the same vein try to shame me that what I want is insane.

That’s the importance I’m trying to stress, I’m trying my best to be kind but I digress.

Acting like this clown is my fault when I’m seventeen. You think I wanted this circus in all actuality?

I just wanted a House of R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

You said you wanted to talk about free speech.

Don’t get it twisted, I love these stars and stripes but with all these marches and protests I waive my right to be out of line.

‘Cause it feels like we could take the bombs bursting in the sky but when it comes to racism or gun laws, is that what’s starting fights?

Losing might. We’re losing might.

Never really thought I’d see the start of an apocalyptic narcissistic government assistance, dwindling the system of profound input from a witness, as we listen with persistence. Waiting for a slip or mispronunciation to pounce on and start shifting the blame and accusation to the one who seems the weakest link. 

And uncover the driving menace of the Senate’s imperfection, grasping at straws for a lesson we can’t seem to pay attention, ‘cause the rich will clutch their Benjamins and the poor only have two cents.

While I resent Kavanaugh and Pence I don’t sit around and text some words that won’t present how to repent instead of augment.

We throw down the law and ignore every dent, we criticize everybody we’ve ever met, spitting words off the top of our heads just to incite an argument.

The “divided states of embarrassment,” just like Shady said. 

We never taught these college kids the extent of the torment of this tournament competing for silver because it’s too late for power, it’s been delivered.

That’s why it’s necessary, I don’t necessarily agree that we all deserve a trophy I think it’s arbitrary. 

But it’s not imaginary that this cemetery we live on will provide an ordinary or honorary life to flaunt.

So, keep on pumping your arteries, ‘cause this temporary hell can’t be a sanctuary.

For me, show me that you can conceive a view and receive a critique.

Your vocabulary is crucial to mend these inflammatory cuts on your knees from when you used to beg for mercy.

See? Time to stand up and light up a revolutionary cause for abruptly speaking up.

You can make a difference, no matter what the verb is. To take or break the standard of every single person in this prose.

As long as we can stretch our minds around being close we can get close.

No one has to know all the answers, but you better drop that mic off as you go. 

I love this damn country through the rain and the snow.

Through the cracks in the road, the floorboards of my home, through every life threatening event that could have broken my bones.

I stand tall and hope that one day America will be the greatest country anyone’s ever known.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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