Freedom Of Speech

It is not funny

To die for Ms. Liberty
For the freedom to speak
Freely without fears.

It is not beautiful
To suffer for the rights
To use simple or single words,
To write truthfully, to shed lights
On everything, which is distasteful.

Freedom of the Press
Must be fundamental.
It is the very foundation of true
Democracy, which is a form of wisdom.

A great Nation wants nothing less
Than constant criticism from the few.
Bring the projectors, the martyrs,
The cameras, the writers,

The headlines, the headlights
Of the intelligentsia, to educate the mass,
The unemployed and the underprivileged

The real Heroes
Are never afraid to die,
For the words,
For the pens, pencils
Brushes, and crayons;
The dead heroes
Are our eternal champions.

The sick cowards
Are afraid of the words.
They are unreasonably angry,
Because they kill and hide
Like rats, like rodents.

The freedom of expression
Is absolutely warranted,
And is basically normal.
Open up, open wide to speak out,
Scream, and shout.
This is fundamental
In a true democracy.

It is not funny or freaky,
To die for free speech.
However, it's too early
to die for the expression
Of simple words.

Copyright © January 8, 2015 Logerie Hébert, All Rights Reserved
Hebert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.





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