Freedom of Silence


We see him walking down the empty streets

He looks just like us, 2 hands and 2 feet.

Maybe he's strong, or, maybe he's weak

But no matter what, people call him a freak

There's one thing they're thinking:

Is he just crazy, or is he drinking?

Call that man smart, or plain absurd

We won't ever know because he can't be heard


It's like a brand new speaker, but it won't work,

Must've been broken by some old jerk.

Now the man himself probably doesn't remember

How Earth Wind and Fire made that song September.

How could that speaker even have the urge

To be silent as the people at traditional church?

Well, let me tell you, if you know what I mean:

That speaker ain't heard, but it sure is seen.


Now would that man, still not use his voice,

Even if his life depends on that choice?

How will he chase girls, or hang out with the boys,

If he hasn't the courage to make some noise?

When he was a newborn baby, was he nearly as cute

If he never said said a word, but remained as a mute?

Now when he commits a crime, like theft or violence,

He won't need to be reminded of his Freedom of Silence.

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Perfect rhyme and rhythm! Impressive poem

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