Freedom Falls

The land of the free 

it isn't all it's cracked up to be

Indeed it's worse away from here

But still, as free as we claim to be

as free as freedom should be

It Isn't.


"All men are created equal"

And yet here we stand dividing ourselves 

breaking into factions 

fracturing families

and falling apart.


Racism reigns 

even though we claim 

its reign to be reigned in

and restrained.


Feminist fight 

"Are women not equal too?

We have fought this fight for far too long

but our voices 

seem to get lost in the throng."


Poverty prevails

Growing into a soon to be

insurmountable beast

rearing its head

but still not truly being seen


Politics pollute

Convoluting civil folk

making everyone revolt

not everyone can be appeased

but soon someone will be on their knees


And I fear

I fear that on her knees will be

after all she has stood for for so long

Freedom, Freedom will fall

and when she has fallen


Who will take her place?

Will it be Justice?

blindfolded and shackled

controlled by a machine

unable to see

the horrors that shall lie at her feet.


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My country
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