Wed, 08/14/2013 - 22:04 -- BerryHD

Poems are my purpose, my resolve

A analyzable way to express myself 

Follow along as you feel involve

To a meaning that could include yourself. 


There are common justifications one could transcribe resembling lyrics


However my lyrics are terminologies that could not be voiced

Words that were and are my walking sticks

As an injury that was not my choice.


What I say may not seem understandable

You ask what do you mean by choice 

They are afflictions that are very expandable

Solely allowing whimpers from my voice


Those words, I suppose derange around one meaning

Something that I crave in this world's kingdom

However it seems like troubles keep intervening

Barricading me from my freedom.


I write such lyrics as a way to escape

While in turn helping those who are blind

In hope that the world may change shape

As we are lost in our subconscious mind 


We are prisoners of society

When we will reach out for the right thing

Why allow to be called a variety

Why not be called inspiring.


I write when I am lost or when I cannot say what I want too

In hope that someone might hear my calls of plea

Maybe luck will finally follow through

And someone will come to help me.


There are others who feel this way

Lost, alone, confused, and chained

No matter what we do, no matter what we say

It would only be strained.


Poems mean to me freedom and a source of assistance

A voice that speaks for myself and others who cannot respond

Giving them a place that's more than just existence 

A world where everyone has a common bond.




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