A pristine glass bowl now was left empty

Sitting innocently, casually.

Porcelain white adorned the lighted tunnel,

Water swirled, greeting the spectator’s view.


A shimmering reflection glistened in his eyes,

A new found hope was soon realized.

Out with the old and in with the new,

The dream of freedom was once again renewed.


No more scrubbing and bubbling

That rotten ol’ tank.

The new day would be filled with settling

In the noon day sun.


Goodbye, dear Chester.

May days be sweet in the sewers of the afterlife.

Your sweet little fins, swimming


In the corridors of my memories

As my little sister sends you off with a *flush*


Sometimes all you need is a lifetime friend, but for me, this friend met his sudden demise. Now, I have to live without. 

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