Free your mind, free your mind

Free your mind, free your mind

What does it mean, really, to "free your mind?

Is it to have a brain with no thought? Like weight with no size?

Remove my consciousness from my vessel, turn around and see my own eyes?

Free your mind, a phrase used very loosely

How can one escape the very thoughts inside which move me?

I can alter my thought pattern and be formless, word to Bruce Lee

But I can barely squeeze all of my thoughts on to a loose leaf

Freed mind, or free thinking?

Opportunity window shrinking

Try to keep my brain waves high frequency but I keep sinking

Should I let the noises take over

Or concentrate and take notice

That diamonds only form under pressure, and every base loaded

Can't stay on track, my train of thought derailed

Write bars, and stay out of jail

Free thinkers, don't sleep on me otherwise I'll have dreams to sell.

Big heart and my mind heavy

Don't sell keys but I drive steady

You see I'm all over the place

Is this free thinking or rhyme spaghetti?

I can't concntrate on nothing

I push boundaries, don't push my buttons

My minds clogged up I need to plumb it

What was the original subject...



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