Free your heart for me


Your heart

For me today,

Tomorrow, any other day,

Whenever suits you best!

I'll be here--in every day life



Patiently alone

Watching, dancing, humming

And day by day

Without a doubt in mind

Awaiting your eyes to come someday



I thought,

But not sure.

There could it be

Across that deep silk river

You told me so long ago?



Forgot it,

The solemn place

Where grass used to grow

And the ground is so soft

That the fertility in short memories is lost.



Must I?

I do recall

The earth so well

With soil under my nails

Where blood and mud interwine.



Time here

Is not there

Nor there long ago

But lingers all about

Is it still time at all?



But no

It can't be

That time passes before

We really can't be sure,

Does your heart belong to me?


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Our world
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