Free At Last!

Came home early from school today,
dreading every moment.
As I'm walking, getting closer and closer,
becoming more and more dismayed.
I know you are home,
and know what you're doing.
Approaching the house,
I see you at the door.
You look mad, I get fearful.
You stammer into the houser I become uneasy.
You slur your words as you start to yell.
And now I know,
You've been drinking again.
I start to clean, but its never complete.
I begin to cook, it's not satisfying.
You scream and yell as I cry in terror.
I collapse to the ground in excruciating pain.
I start to bleed, and I start to bruise.
I start to cry, harder and harder.
As I lay here in pain,
getting weaker and feeble.
My vision becomes hazy.
I see you silhouette, lying on the couch.
Staring at me, helpless and hurt.
There's nothing I can do,
I can't even move.
Everything goes dark,
Then lightens up again.
I no longer feel pain.
I see you still.
Wondering what happened,
I look around.
I'm standing next to you,
Why can't you hear me?
You start to cry.
I look down and there I lay.
No longer in pain, no longer afraid. free!

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