Free Information

"Free information"
Say it slow and enunciate
Remember it like this
Before your eyes precipitate

People speak
Knowing of every piece they take
Not caring though
That your confidence and sanity is at stake

You're different
They have many ways to say it
They're not always nice
But you're forced to embrace it

What to do
With their thoughts in your mind
You could hide in a shell
Or push it all behind

They expect
You to portray your disbelief
Want to anger you
Wish only to bring you grief

Turn around
Think about their unkindly words
Ask them
"What can i do with these words?"

People speak
But how you react is up to you
How you react to this
The free information they have given you

Its not hate
Not poison spreading through veins
Just free information
So remain on your path; in your own lane

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