Free-er than being free


I wanna dance like the leaves do with the trees,

I wanna be where my heart wants me to be,

I wanna run, where horizon meets the sun,

Where the moon and the stars may dance for fun


I want to orbit the earth with you,

Singing songs like the songbirds do,

Wishing you could just be you,


Let's light the world up, and let them know where we stand,

On top of the moon, with the world held in our hands,

We could have it all, lighting up the world if we fall, 

Dragging down the moon, the stars, and all,


Energy flows through us like electricity,

And every word you say seems to haunt me instantly,

I wish I knew, all the things that make me love you,

All I know is that it's true, and i'd give it all away for you,


All I can see is eternity with you and me, 

Burning through time like a never ending fire,

Hoping every second that our love will take us higer,

Only stopping for short breaths, never staying for to long, 

For tomorrow we both know that all of this could be gone,


So today i'll hold you close, and say I love you a million times,

Let you know that right now is our only time to shine, 

How many more times will I hold your sweet hand in mine,

And say how much it means to me just to see your blue eyes,


Until the day we part, just know we happened to make it this far,

Every word you've ever said to me is forever in my heart,


And if there ever comes a day, where you question if i'm there,

Please listen to the wind, where I've spoken my fair share,

The world still holds my stories and is always there to tell, 

It may come from heaven, but from heaven is where I fell,


The trees still dance for me, only to remind you,

That everything we have together will always remain true, 

My head is filed with sunshine, and my heart is filled wind,

My mind is filled with memories that will never come to an end,


If that day comes, where we can't be together on earth, 

Just know that we still are, we could never go back,

Having gone so very far,

And I know you doubt so much sometimes, who you really are,

But just look up and see yourself, you're a shining star,


You are the best part of me, my eyes when I cannot see,

My certain cause of insanity, and my rock for all eternity,


I will love you until the sun burns out,

Until the wind no longer shouts,

I will love you until the sea runs dry,

Until every shade of blue fades from the sky,

I will love you until we meet again, 

And on that day, we will still be the very best of friends,

I will love you until we can start all over again, 

Because a love like ours, truly has no end


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